WTF is product sense?

Great question. Product Sense is the thing that every founder and product leader is supposed to have. But WTF is it?

I believe product sense is the internal ability to “know” how a product should look, work, and feel. And I believe it can be learned.

Welcome to Making Product Sense, the newsletter helping founders and product leaders hone the hard-to-define craft of product sense.

Why are you writing about product sense?

There are some incredible people writing about the management side of being a Product Manager. Hiring, team dynamics, communication, metrics, etc.

But what about the product side? I couldn't find much about "product sense," probably because it’s one of those you-know-it-when-you-see-it sort of things. So I figured that's my cue. Enjoy!

👋 Hi, I’m Jacob.

I’m the co-founder and CPO at Check, an early-stage SaaS company helping home service operators streamline and automate their business.

Solo-operators across the US and Canada use Check to automate the tedious administrative tasks that come with running a home service business, helping them become more efficient and professional, grow their bottom line and find peace of mind.

Prior to starting Check, I was an award-winning designer and a Principal and Director of Digital Strategy at a creative agency. I’ve had the privilege of speaking on stages around the world from TEDx to Web Summit (the world’s largest tech conference), bringing awareness to the power and impact of design.